1792 to 1875

I. Isaac Shelby, the first governor, took the oath of office on the 4th of June, 1792, under the first constitution. James Brown, secretary of state.

II. James Garrard took the oath of office June 1, 1796. Harry Toulmin, secretary. The present constitution was formed 1799.

III. James Garrard, being eligible, was again elected governor; Alexander S Bullitt, lieutenant governor; Harry Toulmin secretary — 1800.

IV. Christopher Greenup, governor; John Caldwell, lieutenant governor; John Rowan, secretary — 1804.

V. Charles Scott, governor; Gabriel Slaughter, lieutenant governor; Jesse Bledsoe, secretary — 1808.

VI. Isaac Shelby, governor; Richard Hickman, lieutenant governor; Martin D. Hardin, secretary — 1812.

VII. George Madison, governor; Gabriel Slaughter, lieutenant governor; Charles S. Todd, secretary — 1816. Governor Madison died at Paris, Kentucky, on the 14th October, 1816, and on the 21st of the same month, Gabriel Slaughter, lieutenant governor, assumed the duties of executive. John Pope, and after him, Oliver G. Waggoner secretary.

VIII. John Adair, governor; William T. Barry, lieutenant governor; Joseph Caboll Breck- inridge, and after him, Thomas B. Monroe, secretary — 1820.

IX. Joseph Desha, governor; Robert B. M'Afee, lieutenant governor; William T. Barry, succeeded by James C. Pickett, secretary — 1824.

X. Thomas Metcalfe, governor; John Breathitt, lieutenant governor; George Robertson, succeeded by Thomas T. Crittenden, secretary — 1828.

XI. John Breathitt, governor; James T. Morehead, lieutenant governor; Lewis Sanders, Jr., secretary. Governor Breathitt died on the 21st of February, 1834, and on the 22d of the same month, James T. Morehead, the lieutenant governor, took the oath of office as governor of the state. John J. Crittenden, William Owsley and Austin P. Cox, were successively, secretary — 1832.

XII. James Clark, governor; Charles A. Wickliffe, lieutenant governor; James M. Bullock, secretary. Governor Clark departed this life on the 27th September 1839, and on the 5th of October, Charles A. Wickliffe, lieutenant governor, assumed the duties of Governor — 1836.

XIII. Robert P. Letcher, governor; Manlius V. Thomson, lieutenant governor; James Harlan, secretary — 1840.

XIV. William Owsley, governor; Archibald Dixon, lieutenant governor; Benjamin Hardin, George B. Kinkead and William D. Reed, successively, secretary — 1841.

XV. John J. Crittenden, governor; John L. Helm, lieutenant-governor: John W. Finnell, secretary. Gov. Crittenden resigned July 31, 1850, and John L. Helm became governor, until the first Tuesday of September, 1851. 1848-51.

XVI. Lazarus AV. Powell, governor; John B. Thompson, lieutenant-governor: James P. Metcalfe, secretary. 1851-55.

XVII. Charles S. Morehead, governor; James G. Hardy, lieutenant-governor; Mason Brown, secretary. 1855-59.

XVIII. Beriah Magoffin, governor; Linn Boyd, lieutenant-governor (died Dec. 17, 1859); Thomas B. Monroe, Jr., secretary. Gov. Magoffin resigned Aug. 18. 1862, and James F. Robinson, speaker of the senate, became governor. 1859-63.

XIX. Thomas E. Bramlette, governor; Richard T. Jacob, lieutenant-governor; E. L. Van Winkle (died May 23, 1866), succeeded by John S. Van Winkle, secretary. 1863-67.

XX. John L. Helm, governor; John W. Stevenson, lieutenant-governor; Samuel B. Churchill, secretary. Gov. Helm died, Sept. 8, 1867, and John W. Stevenson took the oath as governor. In August, 1868, he was elected governor, serving until Feb. 13, 1871, when he resigned to take his seat in the United States Senate, and the speaker of the senate, Preston H. Leslie, became governor. 1867-71.

XXI. Preston H. Leslie, governor; John G. Carlisle, lieutenant-governor; Andrew J. James, succeeded by Geo. W. Craddock, secretary of state. 1S71-75.

Source: History of Kentucky, Volume I, by Lewis Collins, Published by Collins & Company, Covington, Kentucky, 1878

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